Light at the end of the tunnel…..?

Light at the end of the tunnel…..?

Light at the end of the tunnel…..?

There’s a lot going on this semester – gearing up to be a first time dad, finishing up my master’s degree at Georgetown, and all around just trying to keep track of everything at work without dropping anything.

My three classes are going to be pretty sweet:

  1. Studies in Educational Technology with Bryan Alexander
  2. The Creative Process with David Ebenbach
  3. Design-Based Research Methods with Yianna Vovides

We’ve had our initial sessions in each of these, and I daresay it feels good to end the program on a high note, but also to set a path for life after my master’s degree program. This website will probably continue to change visually as I get closer to the deadline to have it finished (it’s a required component of the program) so it will be interesting to see what I am able to invest in, and what will be left for later (and/or much later).

I’m going to try and begin cross-posting from these courses more consistently to begin channeling my domain as the locust of my learning and development as a learning designer and technologist – especially now that I am almost done.

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