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I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Warrior Workshops

Why design these workshops? As a graduate student in Georgetown University’s “Learning and Design” MA program, I was tasked with identifying a learning challenge for a given client, and then designing a learning engagement to assist a given learning population. What started as a learning engagement focused on “Education Benefits” evolved into an effort to help the Veteran’s Office develop programmatic capacity to design and deliver online workshops tailored to military-connected students. The “Warrior Workshop” series is a succession of 3 online webinars focused on active engagement and discussion about transitional topics such as education benefits, learning resources, and career development.  Design & Development For this project, I employed a combination of affinity mapping, user

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Commons Blogs – a WordPress Multisite

What are the Commons Blogs? The “Georgetown Commons” is a WordPress multisite, a network of WordPress blog websites and e-portfolios used as entry level digital environments for blogging and publishing online. Role & Responsibility Starting out in my position as an Instructional Technologist at Georgetown University, my role has been to consult with Faculty and students for teaching and learning strategies, as well as to manage the back-end of the course network – creating sites, networks of sites for classes, and troubleshooting technical glitches and challenges as they have arisen. As requests come in from Faculty, I work with them to create websites that they can use as a home base for their courses, or

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Light at the end of the tunnel…..?

Light at the end of the tunnel…..? There’s a lot going on this semester – gearing up to be a first time dad, finishing up my master’s degree at Georgetown, and all around just trying to keep track of everything at work without dropping anything. My three classes are going to be pretty sweet: Studies in Educational Technology with Bryan Alexander The Creative Process with David Ebenbach Design-Based Research Methods with Yianna Vovides We’ve had our initial sessions in each of these, and I daresay it feels good to end the program on a high note, but also to set a path for life after my master’s degree program. This website will probably continue to

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Goals for Studio AY 2018-2019

As a continuing MLD student, I’ve had at least a little bit of time already to explore. Moving into studio, I am eager to begin converging into a focused amalgamation of practice and research moving into our “Studio” classes over the next two semesters.  I have three overall goals for Studio: Reflect on program and career direction. To make connections between everything I’m doing within the program, hope to do after the program. To reflect on these connections as a way to define a path forward. As part of that reflection, I’m hoping to converge on a meaningful synthesis of my unique attributes, current responsibilities, and potential opportunities to strive for in the future. Internalize

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Cross-posting over at the “Inspect” Blog

Hi everyone. As part of my work at CNDLS, I’ll be posting blog posts over at the “Inspect” blog. I’ll try to post them here as well, or at the very least post a link. The inspect blog is a place where the CNDLS team of developers, designers. and technologists reflect on the experimentation and innovations we are involved with for teaching and learning with technology, as well as explorations of emerging trends and technologies. The latest three I’ve helped write or co-write include “Jamming with the Jamboard“, “A Walkthrough of the Webex Board“, and “Collaborative Online Learning with Zoom“.

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